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The most common technique is based on analysis of past and current price activity. Forex Technical analysis of past results, and that is based on the idea that determines and affects future results. To make it easier to read and analyze Forex,you can use Technical Analysis of the data, historical market data is saved and presented in a graph, the data and information provided is about all kinds of graphic chart. It is in tick chart of the monthly or yearly chart. Examine the data through graphical analysis that people represent the future direction of the examined vehicles or parity, forex offers the opportunity to see the data in a relaxed format.  Although the psychological review of forex mentor pro in support of technical and fundamental analysis has considerable importance in the forex market, every employee in the Forex market needs psychological education because it has an important place.  Forex, "Foreign Exchange" is an acronym formed from the word. 'Foreign currency exchange' is the meaning. The currency is benefiting from the exchange rate between them and it is made for the profit market speculation.